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An element of blues and trouble permeate the themes of each of these novels. The three ‘Crime Fighting Bluesmen’ stories follow the duo of harmonica blowing Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden as they attempt to stomp out evil around the state of Texas and points beyond. In the fourth book, Foster Cane finds himself in the crosshairs of the wrong people when he tries to track down an elusive blue musician known as The Oaxacan Kid. Fahrenheit Press has reprinted River Bottom Blues with The Devil's Blues and Howling Mountain Blues to soon follow suit.

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River Bottom Blues

Blues musician Bobby T did not die of a heroin overdose. Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden know darned well their friend never touch drugs and set out to find out what sort of evil came Bobby’s way. With their blues band in tow, they hit the trail throughout Texas and Louisiana searching for a killer.

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The Devil’s Blues

When Jerry Roberts is found lying unconscious outside his firebombed church and ends up being the prime suspect for the deed, Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden set out to prove his innocence. They soon find that Christianity is under assault in the state of Texas and find themselves with a target on their backs.

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Howling Mountain Blues

Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden are excited to have their band to back up a hotshot guitarist at a blues festival in Belize. What they find is that there is trouble in paradise and it awaits their arrival. 

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The Oaxacan Kid

Foster Cane has aways told his wife that collecting vintage blues recordings was a harmless hobby and it was, until he tried to track down an elusive blues musician known as The Oaxacan Kid.

About The Author

Ricky Bush has been listening to, writing about and playing the blues for most of his adult life. He’s written articles about blues musicians and reviewed their music in publications such as Hittin’ The Note, Southwest Blues Magazine, The Delta Snake, Blues Access and his blog. After retiring from teaching generations of Texas students he folded his passion for the blues into his crime novels where blues and trouble reign.

He’s Available

Ricky is available for books signings, speaking engagements and blues gigs. He can expound upon the ups and downs of a crime writer and blues music.

The Blues

Ricky leans toward the old style Chicago Blues created by Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Elmore James, etc. Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson I & ll influenced his blue harmonica playing for the most part.


Elmore Leonard and John D. MacDonald are his main men as far as crime writing goes. He’s searching for their replacement. He is also deeply indebted to the stories invented by Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy and he can’t overlook the early influence of Steinbeck and Hemingway.

News & events

Ricky's been participating in the Great Pandemic Stay at Home project since mid-March 2020. Hopefully I can update with more cheerful news soon.